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Sauna Santorin
Finlandais - 3 seats
110x160x204 cm
Sauna Delphes
Finlandais - 3/4 seats
180x110x204 cm
Sauna Athènes
Finlandais - 6 seats
200x200x204 cm
Les points forts
Touch Pad
Touch Pad
A new generation and easy to use control panel
Small dimensions
Small dimensions
Thanks to its small dimensions, this sauna is perfect for all types of interiors
Full Spectrum IR
Full Spectrum IR
This sauna has three full-spectrum infrared emitters

The Sauna Line comprises three Finnish sauna models and a full-spectrum infrared sauna. Our portable full-spectrum infrared sauna, known as the Argos, offers the most comprehensive therapy thanks to its advanced technology.

Operation of the wooden infrared sauna:

Our Infrared Sauna features two carbon panels and three strategically positioned full-spectrum emitters. These emitters target areas with significant blood flow and common pain areas such as calves, back, neck, and more. The full spectrum infrared technology operates on three types of infrared waves:Full spectrum infrared technology works on three types of infrared waves:

- Short infrared (IR A): The heat penetrates deep into the skin (5mm).
- Medium infrared (IR B): The heat penetrates to the dermis (2mm).
- Long infrared (IR C): The heat remains on the surface of the skin.
The infrared sauna has an extremely fast heating time and thus saves you time!

The benefits of an infrared sauna:
Are you hesitating between a hammam (water vapour) and a sauna (dry heat)? Then between a kit sauna, a tailor-made sauna or a portable sauna? Poseidon spa offers you its new range and tells you about its many benefits:
+ Stimulates blood circulation
+ Relief of muscle aches and pains
+ Improved cardio and breathing
+ Eliminates toxins and purifies your body
+ Stress reduction
+ Promotes sleep
+ Improves skin appearance and tightens pores

The session in the infrared cabin allows you to sweat while relaxing. It is also recommended to take a cold shower between sessions to strengthen your immune system. In addition, on this type of sauna, you do not need water or an electric stove like in traditional saunas, only infrared lights to make you sweat.

Why buy a Poseidon sauna?
We care about the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. We want our saunas to meet all your requirements. Thus, we have paid particular attention to every detail. Our music therapy and chromotherapy system have been designed to accentuate the benefits of sauna therapy.We prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Our music therapy and chromotherapy system enhance the sauna experience's benefits. Throughout your purchase journey, the Poseidon team is here to address all your questions and uncertainties. You also receive a two-year warranty on your sauna.

Want to know more before buying your sauna? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your project together or ask us directly for a free quote.

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