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River Jet Swimspa

For intense swimming

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Intensive exercise
Intensive exercise
This range is made for the sportive swimmer, with various options of aquatic activities
Innovative design
Innovative design
The sleek design has been purposely tailored for you to feel comfortable and at ease
Spacious pool
Spacious pool
A large and wide pool area to give a sense of space whilst swimming

How to choose the right swim spa for me?
If you were hesitating between a jacuzzi spa and a swimming pool, the swim spa is the perfect combo of the two balneotherapy products. There are 2 categories: Turbine and RiverJets. In this category we have 3 different swim spas: Hestia, Neptune and Zeus
RiverJets range: from 4 to 8 seats
The swim spas presented on our site are grouped into 2 main ranges, each corresponding to different budget levels. According to your request, we are here to help you refine your search. We offer three types of swim spas.
Swim spa river jets have an adjustable flow force to suit your needs and desires, allowing you to control the intensity of your workout. The river jets work with three nozzles. It allows you, unlike the turbine, to offer you a more intense, more dynamic swim. So you can perform quality aquatic exercises.

Hestia swimspa - 4 places

The Hestia swim spa has 4 seats measuring 430 x 225 x 147 cm, offers 27 hydrotherapy massage jets and includes 2 seats. It is the choice of families or people who like to receive their loved ones to enjoy an excellent moment of rest and relaxation, as soothing as it is friendly. This swim spa closely resembles a swimming pool with two massage seats.

The Hestia swimspa has the same control panel as our GAIA and APHRODITE spas; the Balboa TP600. This is a user-friendly tool with extraordinary ease of use for both family and guests.

Neptune swimspa - 5 places
The Neptune swim spa has 5 seats measuring 500 x 228 x 135 cm, offers 76 hydrotherapy massage jets and includes 2 loungers. This spa has many features for relaxation and exercise. It also has an exclusive feature only attributed to this swim spa, featuring a thigh and shin massage.
It is the perfect choice for athletes who wish to combine sport and relaxation. This swim spa is the perfect compromise between the swimming pool and the jacuzzi spa.

Zeus swimspa - 8 places
The Zeus swim spa has 8 seats with dimensions of 582 x 221 x 147cm, offers 65 hydrotherapy massage jets and includes numerous balneotherapy seats: 7 seats including 6 seats and one lying down. It has many features for relaxation and exercise.
It is the perfect choice for large families or people wishing to entertain because of its capacity and size. This swim spa is the largest in our sport line range.

Why choose Spa Poséidon ?
We've been helping our customers choose the perfect spa for years now and the reviews show their satisfaction.
If you want to avoid the pool, find out right away about our various swimming spas with high-quality therapeutic attributes (chromotherapy, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, etc.).
Consult our materials, ask us for a quote or come and meet us in our showrooms throughout France. Our Spa sales experts are at your disposal to help you find the balneo "pool" you need to set up the wellness area you have been dreaming of for years.

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