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Spa Lena - 2 seats
Spa Lena
Sublime Line - 2 seats
190x131x78 cm - 25 jets
Spa Tyro - 3 seats
Spa Tyro
Sublime Line - 3 seats
190x131x78 cm - 23 jets
Gaïa Spa - 5 seats
Spa Gaïa
Sublime Line - 5 seats
200 x 200 x 90 cm - 48 jets
Aphrodite Spa - 6 seats
Spa Aphrodite
Sublime Line - 6 seats
200x200x900 cm - 48 jets
Les points forts
An exceptional ambience with a spa surrounded by light and color!
Low Consumption
Low Consumption
An economical spa, it has been designed to optimize the recycling of engine heat, our spas are energy efficient
Seating comfort
Seating comfort
Poseidon Spa has designed each of its seats to offer everyone comfortable seating
Nos réalisations

A true concentrate of technologies, our Sublime Line offers spa models with elaborate lines and exceptional therapeutic performance. Available in multiple configurations from 2 to 6 places, you will undoubtedly find the spa of your dreams within the Sublime Line.

  • Spa Gaïa - 5 places
  • Spa Aphrodite - 6 places
  • Spa Léna - 2 places
  • Spa Aphrodite - 6 places
  • Spa Gaïa - 5 places
  • Spa Gaïa - 5 places
  • Spa Gaïa - 5 places
  • Spa Gaïa - 5 places

What's the Best Option? A swimming pool, an inflatable spa, or a luxury whirlpool bath? This is, undoubtedly, a decision that's entirely yours to make. To find the right product, it's crucial to align your requirements, desires, and budget.

At Poseidon Spas, we specialize in the design and sale of luxury Spas and Jacuzzis, whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor Spa (built-in or standalone), we invite you to explore our extensive range of Sublime Line products

Spa Lena: 2 Places 

Let's begin with our most budget-friendly relaxation option, the Lena Spa. It provides the perfect setting for two people to recline on lounge beds and enjoy an exceptional moment of relaxation. With ideal dimensions (190 x 131 x 78 cm) for a built-in Spa if desired, it features 25 hydrotherapy jets that span the curve of the spa. As a top-of-the-line Jacuzzi, it offers a trident massage experience (characterized by hydrojets that ascend from the lumbar region to the shoulders), an easy-to-operate onboard computer, and a range of features that enhance its maintenance. These include cartridge filtration, an energy-efficient heating system, and Ozone Plasma disinfection. Not to mention the presence of chromotherapy lighting and backlit elements.

Spa Tyro: 2 Places

Next up in the Sublime Line of relaxation products is the 3-seater Tyro Spa. Similar to the luxury Spa Lena, this Jacuzzi spa incorporates the same advanced technologies, including the ability to enjoy full-body massage jets. The key difference lies in its dimensions, designed to accommodate 3 people (or 2 people in a reclined position). This indoor or outdoor Spa features dimensions of 190 x 131 x 78 cm and boasts 23 hydromassage jets. Additionally, it's designed for minimal energy consumption and offers the relaxation benefits of aromatherapy.

Spa Gaïa: 5 Places

Now, let's explore our third well-being product in the range, the Spa Gaïa jacuzzi, taking a step up in luxury. In terms of features and equipment, there are no differences compared to our other jacuzzis and balneotherapy baths (Lena and Tyro). You'll find the same trident massages, an onboard computer, a chromotherapy system, and the diffusion of essential oils for aromatherapy. The distinguishing factors are its shape and, most notably, its dimensions. Measuring 200 x 200 x 90 cm, this spa allows 5 people (3 in a reclined position) to enjoy bubbles and hot water simultaneously

Spa Aphrodite: 6 Places

Concluding our presentation of Sublime Line Jacuzzi Spas is the luxurious Spa Aphrodite, perfect for group relaxation. This spa accommodates 6 seated individuals (or 3 in a reclined position), providing a well-being oasis and precious moments of relaxation. It incorporates the same technologies as the Spa Gaïa and shares its dimensions. However, it distinguishes itself with its ergonomic design. Alongside the 6 seats, it's engineered for minimal energy consumption, featuring an efficient filtration system, water treatment, an insulating tank, and innovative technology to recover heat generated, among other things, by the circulation pump and motors, recycling it for efficiency.

Interested in Purchasing a 2 to 6 Seater Spa

Don't hesitate to explore our documentation or visit our showroom nearby. If you're searching for an exceptional offer or the best value for an outdoor jacuzzi, our team is here to provide guidance. Take your time to compare our products on our website and request your free quote.

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